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I have many interests, reflecting my varied career and hobbies. The best way to find out what these are is to have a look around the site.


Photography is a hobby. After training in photography for biologists in Plymouth, I very much left this activity until a few years ago when I bought a D70. Since then a have enjoyed achitectural and macro photography, as well as taking pictures of friends and family.


Since first having a go at teaching at UCL (London Universty) I have enjoyed it. At first I taught tutorial classes to first year undergraduates, later on I taught on a master's course. Since then I have taught A levels, GCSEs and English to foreign language speakers.


Computers have always been a hobby, ever since my Father bought me a Sinclair ZX81 at teh age of eleven. After leaving scientific research I worked full-time in I.T. for more than eight years. At first working as a C programmer, then moving on to business analysis and later management. In my onw time learning about web site design proved fun and image editing linked up nicely with my interest in photography.

Today I still occassionally perform some business analysis for a small business consultancy or freelance for small organsiations. I also design and implement web sites, some for fun and some for profit.


Having worked as a researcher in Cell Physiology I still have a great deal of interest in science. I have also written about Hepatitis C.


Reading has always been a major passtime from which has developed an increasing interest in writing, although I have not written that mush. My writing reflects my varied interests.

e-mail: info@matthewmartin.co.uk

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